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Move in out cleaning

Moving into and moving out can be an incredibly stressful experience. With the added stress of packing, boxing, moving furniture and cleaning can be very time consuming and overwhelming. Alberta Janitorial Company is here to help you so you can focus on packing and moving, while we handle the move-in or move-out cleaning services for you.

Our Edmonton move-in, move-out cleaning services include everything that is done in a routine cleanup, in addition to deep cleaning appliances such as stoves, refrigerator, freezer; lights, fixtures and ceiling fans; cabinets and drawers; baseboards and more. We offer professional move in move out cleaning services for not just houses, apartments, condominiums but also offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, and other establishments.

Professional move-out cleaning can go a long way and may be just the right choice for you. The move may take longer than expected with all the packing and arranging, or it may be that you may be on a time crunch to hand over the property to get your deposit back. Worry no more, we have you covered with our move out cleaning services in Edmonton and cities surrounding it.

When you call Alberta Janitor, be assured that when our local move out cleaning team arrives, they take care of cleaning everything from top to bottom, and perform last minute cleaning routine to make sure your old home is in an impeccable condition, just like it did on the day you moved in. We scrub down the appliances, get under the beds and couches, get on our knees and hands to ensure every corner is cleaned, every surface is shining. From kitchens to bathrooms, everything will be in perfect condition.

Exceptional move-in move-out cleaning services Edmonton

Moving into a new home or moving out of a home can be very stressful and exhausting. Why not take a break and let our team of professional cleaners clean your home or premises so you do not have to worry about that one aspect of moving.

professional cleaner

When you book with us, we try to make the booking process smooth and effortless for you in order to offer as much convenience to you as possible. Our experienced cleaners will turn your move from hassle to easy. With no cleaning worries on your mind, you will finally be able to relax and unwind. When you hire us, you can be assured that you are getting quality service every single time. All of our cleaners go through extensive background checks and evaluation to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We are not just a cleaning company, but a business that is working to make sure clients are satisfied and happy with the service they receive. Call us today to get more details on our move-out or move-in services in Edmonton and around.