Why hire janitorial service for proper restroom cleaning in commercial buildings

Restrooms are important places for every commercial establishment. However, their importance can’t be emphasized on anything more than cleanliness. It is for this particular reason that the services of a professional restroom cleaning company are needed.

Daily cleaning can be done on these places, yes, but maintaining cleanliness all through can be a daunting task. For instance, there may be need to clean some of the seats by the use of vacuum cleaners. Affording such equipment may have an adverse effect on the sum total of your business. Why not let who has all what it takes to have cleanliness do the work for you?

Importance of hiring expert restroom cleaning company

  • A good review of the business

It goes beyond saying that when a visitor or a client wishes to get some certain services, they may have to relax before their turn reaches. However, if the restroom meant to offer them comfort and relaxation is dusty, dirty and smelly, that gives them a bad mental picture on what your commercial establishment has to offer.

There is no particular time when an expert cleaning company will ever leave any stone unturned.

  • Boosting the productivity of employees

Restrooms are not only meant for clients and visitors but also for employees. When their stay there is not comfortable, they may actually have issues like allergen attacks. These could lead some to ask for medication leaves, which at the long run mean some duties will go undischarged.

There may also be instances where some more “responsible” employees may see some dirt in the restrooms, and instead of concentrating on their work, they first clean the mess. At the end of the day, that means they’ll have overworked and not more productive as they look for means to make up for the lost time.

  • Combating the instances of germ infections

Restrooms have many visitors time and again. As they sit or place their hands on the furniture, it is highly possible for them to leave some germs and viruses. The end result may be transferring the same to employees who clean the place.

With the services of cleaning experts, they do the cleaning work as well as sanitizing the entire equipment present in the building. Any instances of diseases that may be spread to the employees and other future incoming customers are done away with effectively.

  • Effective cleaning

Better equipment and tools means that efficient work will be done. Now that the professionals come armed with all of these, the hard-to-access areas are cleaned perfectly. For instance, there may be cobwebs that need to be removed from the restroom fans. With professionals, they ensure that all is perfectly done.

Is the cleaning worth it?

Absolutely. Don’t look it on one way only. Don’t look at the little cash that you will spend to have your restroom cleaned. You need more customer testimonials on how your room looks clean. You also need customers to keep on coming back as they will always be aware they will not go back with germs from your place.

Why get professional cleaning service for offices?

Offices are extremely important rooms and need a thorough cleaning time and again if at all serious issues can take place there. However, not every cleaning can suit or improve the appearance of an office. The main emphasis is on working closely with a professional cleaning company to do the actual work to your offices.

Benefits of a professionally cleaned office

You have at one point gone to an office. How satisfied were you after getting served? Well, your satisfaction may have been prompted by the mindset created when you found the office clean. Some of the benefits that may undeniably be enjoyed as a result of having clean offices comprise:

  • Saving on office resources

Time and money are among the most important assets in an office. When you decide to have your employees cleaning the office, they’ll waste lots of time trying to ensure that the whole place is tidy. The fact that they may lack the necessary equipment to conduct a thorough cleaning may mean that they may need to keep on cleaning on daily basis, hence wasting lots of time.

With hiring a professional cleaner, you save on the costs that you may incur in purchasing sanitizers and detergents to keep the place tidy.

  • Satisfied employees

Among the jobs allocated to employees in an organization, it’s quite difficulty to make them multitask between their day jobs and cleaning the offices.

As a way of making them happy when they do what they do best, it is vital to hire cleaning experts to loosen the workloads that the employees would otherwise be subjected to as they clean.

That way, they treat their customers actively, and without the feeling of being overtired.

  • Safety in the office

Office equipment need utmost care. For instance, when cleaning the window panes, it is much more possible to accidentally break them. The cases of such with hiring a janitorial company to do the work are minimal. They are trained for this work and are bonded to it.

The cases with germ infections are also counteracted. This is especially when the door knobs, office machines and other prone to germs areas are sanitized.

Decluttering services also get offered. This is in a way more of giving safety when it comes to the collecting and dumping of malfunctioning equipment like old computers and broken pieces of furniture.

  • Super client impression

Most clients judge how seriously some offices operate through the cleanliness in them. For instance, when a client comes to your office and gets out with a dusty suit, they can only lay the blame on you. It’s impossible to have them coming back and seek more of your services. 

How experts do the cleaning work in your office

Your office needs some spotless cleaning. Their pieces of cleaning equipment, trailers to ferry all clutters and the knowledgeability on the most appropriate dumping sites for all wastes defines them.

Once they come over, rest assured that the windows, desks, computer systems, doors, floors and many other areas will remain clean and dust free. This is an incredible way to let your customers get served in a clean and sanitized office.

What are the top areas infected with germs in an office area

Offices are bound to have some areas that harbour germs. Now that there is a high number of entrants day in, and day out, the germs keep on increasing as more people roam around the entire place.

To contain the situation, a professional cleaning service has to be conducted in order to eliminate the whole threat. Janitorial services can help in the elimination of germs and dirt around.

Top germ-rampant areas in offices

  1. Office desks

Sometimes, a colleague may decide to visit you in your desk for a chit-chat. They may end up leaning against this item of furniture and maybe leave their germs there.

What happens when you land your hands there is that there are high chances of getting infected with these germs.

The equipment in the desks can also harbour the risks associated with germ infections. For example, if another person uses the office phone and maybe they had some infections, they may transfer them to you.

  • Computers

There could be some cases where you use a laptop and are sharing it with colleagues. In the process of opening and closing it, there are high chances of contracting germ infections.

Office computer components like the keyboard and mouse also carry germs especially where there is sharing of machines between workmates. However, there is no cause for alarm when you use the computer alone.

  • Photocopying machines

In most offices, photocopiers are shared machines. As everyone tries to use the buttons and operate the machine, there are high chances of transmitting germs between all the users.

  • Knobs of office doors

To enter an office, it is a must to use a door knob. Now that there are many people entering the same premise, the multiple touches from different people may cause the probability of having more germs.

In fact, this is among the most affected areas. Germs and some viruses like the norovirus spread lots especially when the infected person greets another. 

  • Office refrigerators

When it is hot, everyone recalls going to the fridge to have some cold water or a bottle of juice. Now that many keep on holding the fridge handle and closing it, it is highly possible to have germs getting spread out to the drinks and food stored there.

  • Washrooms

This is also another germ-prone area. As it is a shared room, the chances of spreading out of germs are high. The cleaners may not have the needful equipment that necessitate the entire cleaning process, which in turn cause multiple spread out.

Most of the professional cleaning companies give the toilets top priority when it comes to the cleaning.

How to sort the germ infection problem in an office

The best way to have this issue sorted is via getting in touch with a professional janitorial company. They have the right equipment and germ sanitizers to ensure the spread out doesn’t keep on repeating itself.

You also get lots of valuable pieces of advice on how you can counteract the mess from continued occurrence. That way, you ensure that your office healthy and productive employees.

Tips & Tricks for a Better Clean from Mopping

Mopping is often the best way to clean hard floors, but it’s important to make sure you are removing germs, not just spreading them. Although mopping may seem like a simple task, it can actually be confusing. What type of mop should I be using? How do I know I’m fully cleaning the floor? Am I being efficient? We’ve put together some tips, tricks and best practices for mopping.

Clean Your Mop!

Did you know research has found there is often twice as much bacteria per square inch on the average kitchen floor than the trash can?! Leaving your mop uncleaned after use can create a breeding ground for bacteria. If your mop head is machine washable, toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at the hottest temperature. If the mop head is not machine washable, create a mixture of water and bleach in a clean bucket and let it soak for 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Make sure the mop is completely dried out afterwards to avoid growth of mildew.

Use Two Buckets

Using a two-bucket system for mopping will assure that you aren’t using contaminated water. Keep one bucket with plain water for rinsing and detergent in the other bucket. You can squeeze the dirty water out into the water without contaminating the cleaning solution. Just make sure you are changing out water and solution if they are becoming too soiled.

Pro tip: Using a color-coded cleaning system will reduce the risk for cross-contamination. Using different tools for each designated area will prevent the spread of disease and infection.

Microfiber vs Cotton Mops

Cotton mops are best for jobs that involve heavy duty clean up or outdoor usage, but they don’t leave a streak-free finish and also require quite a bit of wringing to remove excess water. Microfiber mops can greatly reduce bacteria, are far more durable, and offer a deeper clean. microfiber mops do cost extra, their effectiveness and number of uses outweigh the initial cost.

No matter what kind of mop head you use, make sure you are replacing it at regularly. At least every 4 months, depending on how often you use it.

Make Sure You’re Staying Safe

Mopping is a laborious task and injuries do happen. In fact, mopping is the second-leading cause of cleaning related injuries due to slips and repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress injuries are common due to overuse of muscles and lead to an average of 18 lost work days per injury. These injuries can happen due to the weight of the mop when wet reaching up 6 pounds. In addition, a bucket of water can weight up to 40 pounds, really putting strain on the body when being lifted and moved around during the day. To avoid injuries, always use your arm muscles, not your back to avoid straining back and shoulder muscles.

Cold and Flu Season Cleaning

Points of Contact – Cold and Flu Season Cleaning

You clean the obvious spaces around you; your toilet, your bathrooms, your kitchen sink, vacuum and sweep floors, etc. Are you paying attention to the points of contact? These are the areas your hand, and LOTS of other hands touch on a daily or even hourly basis. Here is a list of the Top Ten Points of Contact you should ensure you or your cleaning staff is paying attention to during this cold and flu season.

  1. TV Remote Control – seriously ask yourself, when was the last time you wipes this down?
  2. Telephone – especially if you share the office phone with may individuals, or lay your personal phone down on counters, tables and desks.
  3. Keyboard and Mouse – Use a sticky note to get out the crumbs and dust between the keys and a sanitary wipe to give the keyboard and mouse a good cleaning
  4. Soap Pump – it is great having automatic soap pumps, but if you don’t you may want to wipe the germs away as pre-washed hands are constantly touching it.
  5. Faucet Handles – another place where many non-cleaned hands are touching frequently.
  6. Light Switches – walls around light switches and light switch plates get a lot of attention during the day. Are you paying attention to this when you clean?
  7. Door Knobs and Locks – this is an obvious breading ground for bacteria, but how often do they get cleaned?
  8.  Drawer Pulls and Cupboard Handles – remember cross contamination of germs from raw meats can linger on these kitchen items. Give them a good sanitization regularly
  9. Hand Railings and Bannisters – another obvious but overlooked point of contact.
  10. Toilet Flusher – I am pretty positive this will be cleaned regularly, but once a week is NOT enough.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sanitizing, Sanitization – Cold and Flu Season Cleaning
Are you aware of the different types of cleaning methods? Are you aware that if you “clean” regulary, there is less need to sanitize as there will be no dirt or debris to allow bacteria and virus to live and grow. Do you know what level of cleaning is right for you?

  1. Cleaning – removes visible dirt and debris and some germs from surfaces but does not completely remove microorganisms
  2. Sanitizing – is a way to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi to a “safe” level.
  3. Disinfection – Destroying and killing disease causing germs and microorganisms from surfaces
  4. Sterilization – going one step further than disinfecting, sterilization kills both the microorganisms and it’s spores. This 4th level of cleaning usually reserved for hospital surgical wards.

Hand Washing – Cold and Flu Season Cleaning

As I have mentioned before and will mention again, the best way to reduce your chances of catching the cold and flu this season is to wash your hands regularly! With warm water AND soap! A rinse under the sink just doesn’t cut it! Remember, keeping hand sanitizer in your vehicle or in your purse or briefcase is a good idea if you find yourself on the go more often than not.
I hope these tips will help keep you healthy and happy this cold and flu season!

Office Cleaning 101 – Why Hire Professionals?

What should you expect when you hire professional office cleaning? That is a fair question as you are paying a professional cleaner and they should know what they are doing and do it well. Here are 5 advantages for hiring professional office cleaning.

1. Proper Staff and Supervision

Professional office cleaning staff should be uniformed, bonded and insured. These are important to ensure the safety of your premises and their contents. The cleaning associates Master Care sends in to do your office cleaning also have identification cards, regular supervision and surprise inspections. This is a sign that they are committed to their customers satisfaction.

2. Proper Tools and Products

They use proper, professional working vacuums, carpet cleaners and buffers with no frayed cords which can be a potential fire hazard. They use color coded cleaning cloths to reduce the chance of cross contamination. Also, ensure they are using environmentally friendly cleaning products to protect not only the environment but the health and safety of the employees within the office.

3. Proper Cleaning Habits

Professional cleaner use a “top down” cleaning method as it is the most efficient and effective form of cleaning. All dirt and dust will fall to the floor, so the floor will be the last place cleaned. Also ensure that they are cleaning door nobs, light switches and banisters as these are areas that are touched regularly. Dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, wiping countertops, desks, door jams and ledges are all expected to be clean when you walk in after the cleaners have been there.

4. Proper Green Cleaning Procedures

Professional cleaning companies encourage the use of no-touch soap and paper dispensers as this regulates products usage, reducing waste and saving you money. Turning off lights and use of microfiber cloths are also important as this reduces energy and waste as well.

5. Customer Service

Do you have access to your office cleaning company day and night? As the customer, you need to feel that you are in good hand and are being heard. A professional company will give you contact information so they will be there to assist in any requests, revisions or complaints. If there is room for improvement, your company should find a way to do so! Master Care is available for their customers 24/7!