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What are the top areas infected with germs in an office area

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Offices are bound to have some areas that harbour germs. Now that there is a high number of entrants day in, and day out, the germs keep on increasing as more people roam around the entire place.

To contain the situation, a professional cleaning service has to be conducted in order to eliminate the whole threat. Janitorial services can help in the elimination of germs and dirt around.

Top germ-rampant areas in offices

  1. Office desks

Sometimes, a colleague may decide to visit you in your desk for a chit-chat. They may end up leaning against this item of furniture and maybe leave their germs there.

What happens when you land your hands there is that there are high chances of getting infected with these germs.

The equipment in the desks can also harbour the risks associated with germ infections. For example, if another person uses the office phone and maybe they had some infections, they may transfer them to you.

  • Computers

There could be some cases where you use a laptop and are sharing it with colleagues. In the process of opening and closing it, there are high chances of contracting germ infections.

Office computer components like the keyboard and mouse also carry germs especially where there is sharing of machines between workmates. However, there is no cause for alarm when you use the computer alone.

  • Photocopying machines

In most offices, photocopiers are shared machines. As everyone tries to use the buttons and operate the machine, there are high chances of transmitting germs between all the users.

  • Knobs of office doors

To enter an office, it is a must to use a door knob. Now that there are many people entering the same premise, the multiple touches from different people may cause the probability of having more germs.

In fact, this is among the most affected areas. Germs and some viruses like the norovirus spread lots especially when the infected person greets another. 

  • Office refrigerators

When it is hot, everyone recalls going to the fridge to have some cold water or a bottle of juice. Now that many keep on holding the fridge handle and closing it, it is highly possible to have germs getting spread out to the drinks and food stored there.

  • Washrooms

This is also another germ-prone area. As it is a shared room, the chances of spreading out of germs are high. The cleaners may not have the needful equipment that necessitate the entire cleaning process, which in turn cause multiple spread out.

Most of the professional cleaning companies give the toilets top priority when it comes to the cleaning.

How to sort the germ infection problem in an office

The best way to have this issue sorted is via getting in touch with a professional janitorial company. They have the right equipment and germ sanitizers to ensure the spread out doesn’t keep on repeating itself.

You also get lots of valuable pieces of advice on how you can counteract the mess from continued occurrence. That way, you ensure that your office healthy and productive employees.

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